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Support diverse learners—and their teachers.

Inclusive learning programs designed to help ALL learners master pivotal concepts in the early years.

Sprig Learning Programs …

Give every student a fair shot at success.

Improve foundational learning for pre-K to third grade learners.

Look at the whole picture.

Gather input from students, teachers, parents, and community to build a complete assessment.

Remove bias in assessments.

A unique learning assessment is objective, engaging and mitigates any unconscious bias.

Prioritize foundational skills.

A focus on the key early learning milestones that set students up for lifelong learning.

Leverage tech to personalize the learning journey.

Supported by extensive online and offline tools in the classroom and at home.

Reduce teachers’ workloads.

Provides the teacher with an intuitive, easy-to-use platform for supporting students.

Introduce Indigenous resources into the classroom.

Tools and activities that help promote Indigenous language and cultural traditions.

Protect students’ privacy.

Our Secure-by-Design approach to development ensures that all components are secure.

How Sprig Learning Programs integrate into the classroom—and beyond

Engage the Sprig Learning team and establish a program that suits your schools.

Activities and resources are aligned to the local curriculum.

Sprig creates accounts for teachers, education administrators and parent access.

Classroom resources arrive at the school.

Three Personal Development sessions set teachers up for success.

Teachers conduct student assessments in the classroom.

A dedicated app helps teachers differentiate learning and integrate classroom activities.

Parent app keeps caregivers involved and supports learning at home.

Bring Sprig to your school district.