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An equity-designed, game-based assessment (in both English and Spanish) that regularly assesses the foundational concepts required for prekindergarten children. Daily and weekly data is used to recommend personalized learning activities that teachers and families can use in their classrooms and their schools.

Game-Based Assessment

Teachers use the mobile, game-based assessment in their small group centers, allowing every child to have 2 sessions per week being assessed on key learning skills and concepts.  As children complete the activities, the tablet continually collects assessment data without any need for data entry by the teacher.

Personalized Learning

Educators immediately access data through a secure, online portal, which analyzes and recommends personalized learning plans that teachers can use for small groups centers as well as for specific students that need individualized interventions.

Connecting Families

Families have access to a secure, online portal where they receive data-driven recommendations for simple, everyday (and off-screen!) learning activities that are personalized for their child.