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The building blocks for a lifetime of learning success.

Sprig Learning Programs develop and nurture the key milestones in early literacy and numeracy.

How Sprig Learning Works

Our early years programs combine a clever use of technology with classroom resources and hands-on activities that are easily integrated into day-to-day routines and lesson plans.

Holistic Assessment

An engaging conversation between a puppet character and the student that mitigates bias and allows the teacher to identify childrens’ strengths, needs, and interests. Parent and community surveys complement the assessment to give a 360 view of a child’s learning.

Differentiated Learning

Sprig AI combines the information gathered from the child, teacher, and parents. That wealth of information means teachers can deliver the right lessons at the right level and the right time for every student.

Classroom Resources

Now the work goes offline. Teachers embed storybooks and classroom resources, plan recommended group and individual learning activities, and characters into the classroom routine.

Connect Home & School

Parents have access to their child’s progress either online or through an easy-to-use mobile app. Teachers can share recommended online (or backpack) activities for parents to support learning at home.

Learning Insights

Online and mobile portals provide teachers and administrators with real-time access to data and resources that maximize learning.

Built by Educators

Sprig Learning Programs are developed in partnership with teachers, early childhood experts, literacy and numeracy consultants, faculties of education, speech language pathologists, Indigenous educators, and Elders. Our ‘working group of educators’  identify the physical and technological tools and resources needed to support students and improve outcomes.


What’s Included

Sprig Learning Programs are purchased by Education Leaders at the school district or board level. Local schools receive a shipment of classroom materials, and training takes place at multiple times in the school year.

  • Assessment tools: puppet + iPad loaded with Sprig apps
  • Classroom activities
  • At-home / backpack activities
  • Teacher portal and dashboard
  • Parent portal / mobile app
  • Professional Development: three training sessions for teachers
  • Online support

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