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Holistic Learning Programs for Early Years

Sprig Learning provides early learners, educators and parents with the tools and resources needed to build a foundation for lifelong learning—at home and in school.

Inclusive by design, Sprig Learning programs provide every child with what matters most: a fair shot at success.

Foundational Learning for Future Success

Foundational Learning for Future Success

Children progress at different rates. They have different interests, abilities, and learning styles. Yet for all children, there are important learning milestones that help set themselves up for future success. 

At Sprig, we focus on these key learning milestones such as oral language development and critical thinking skills in mathematics. Our early years programs help develop and nurture these fundamental and universal skills for all children.

A Holistic Approach

Sprig Learning’s unique approach to assessment and learning considers each child’s entire learning environment—their home, school, and community. Our early years programs uncover new insights into students’ strengths, challenges, and interests which personalize a learning pathway for each and every learner.

Harnessing the Power of Technology for Learning

When students are engaged with Sprig Learning programs, they’re not simply focussed in on a screen. They’re connected to the caring adults and the world that surrounds them. 

Sprig Learning programs  are made possible by serious innovation. Whether it’s the groundbreaking student assessment powered by iPad, or the AI engine synthesizing personalized learning activities—the technology is seamless, invisible, and essential to powering our early years programs.