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We believe every child should have a fair shot at success.

Sprig Learning provides early learners, educators and parents with the early years assessments,  tools and resources needed to build a foundation for lifelong learning—both at home and in school.

“88% of students who fail to graduate high school were struggling readers in third grade.”

We work to solve the issue where it starts: the initial milestones on early literacy and early numeracy. Our goal is to have all students develop the foundational learning skills needed to be successful in school.

Partners in Development

Each program has been developed in partnership with teachers, early childhood experts, literacy and numeracy consultants, faculties of education, speech language pathologists, Indigenous educators, and Elders. Our ‘working group of educators’ have helped identify the pedagogical and technological tools and resources needed to improve student achievement.


Jarrett Laughlin

Jarrett Laughlin

CEO and Founder

Jarrett is passionate about learning. He grew up alongside dedicated educators who taught him the importance of a solid education and instilled a love of learning early on. As Jarrett got older, he found himself drawn to opportunities that allowed him to contribute to the positive outcomes of all learners. Once Jarrett had children of his own, the importance of early childhood education became a concrete concept that he understood from many perspectives (learner, educator, researcher, and father). Over the last 20 years, Jarrett found himself working with teachers and other education professionals to create a unique set of tools and resources geared toward promoting success among early learners.

Faud Khan

Faud Khan

CTO and Founder

Faud is a tech security veteran with more than 25 years of cyber security experience with network equipment manufacturers, managed security services providers, financial services, and government agencies. Data security and data privacy are two crucial components in EdTech that rarely get discussed, but are paramount to a healthy well-functioning student learning platform. Thanks to Faud, Sprig not only complies with all industry standards, but goes above and beyond to ensure that data security is a cornerstone of all new and current products.

Dr. Janet N. Mort

Dr. Janet N. Mort

Early Literacy Scientist

Instead of retiring after working as a Superintendent of Schools in British Columbia, Janet enrolled in a PhD Early Literacy program to research why over 35% of struggling children do not succeed in school. Within seven years she had completed her analysis of the most compelling recent literacy research and designed the Joyful Literacy Framework. Today, the Joyful Literacy framework is implemented in hundreds of classrooms and consistently achieves over 90% reading proficiency for its students in all the early grades.

School District Approved

Aligned with Regional Curricula across Canada and the United States.

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