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An evidence-based literacy tool designed for Pre-K to Grade 3 teachers and literacy specialists who are looking to optimize early literacy development through the ongoing assessment and progress monitoring of the foundational reading skills.

Sprig Reading ensures students become proficient readers through data-driven, personalized reading instruction that supports on-time interventions.

Research-backed, Evidence Driven and Proven in Diverse Classrooms

In diverse classrooms, where students have varying abilities and backgrounds, Sprig Reading has proven to profoundly impact each child’s reading journey. Sprig Reading empowers teachers to make a positive difference in every student’s reading progress. With strong tier 1 assessment and instruction, every learner stays on track, leaving no child behind.

Consistently achieve 90% reading at grade-level and beyond!

See what Beacon Elementary School Achieved after 1 year!

Enhance the existing early reading programs, resources and screeners in your school with ongoing tracking and monitoring of over 200 foundational reading skills.

Sprig Reading is the only performance measurement that empowers educators to consistently implement evidence-based early literacy teaching and assessment practices within the classroom.

Diagnostic Assessment to Support Timely Interventions

Progress Monitoring to Keep Track of Reading Skills Over Time

Grouping Students to Support Differentiated Instruction and Planning

Sprig Reading helps students master every foundational skill with comprehensive assessment and monitoring.

Includes a continuum of skills for decoding, encoding (phonological awareness & phonics), language comprehension (vocabulary & oral language), leading to reading fluency and comprehension.

6 Foundational Skill Sets with Over 250 Skills


Alphabet knowledge
Short vowels
Consonants digraphs and blends
Vowel teams

And more…

Phonological Awareness

Word awareness
Phoneme manipulation
Phoneme blending

And more…


Essential Words: Pre-Reading
High frequency words mapped orthographically

And more…

Oral Language

Listening skills
Speaking skills
Uses prior experience in discussions

And more…


Concepts of print
Making connections

And more…


Expression and volume
Adjusting pace
Word recognition

And more…

Enrich existing programs with comprehensive coverage of all foundational reading skill sets.

Circle Charts

Proven Circle Chart methodology to assess, teach and track every single literacy skill from the eight research-identified literacy foundational skill sets. Record their progress by assessing and note taking. Mirror the tactile experience of traditional pen and paper.



Group and regroup students based on their specific instructional strengths and needs to support weekly planning and personalized instruction.


Explore a treasure trove of valuable, printable resources to enrich your classroom instruction in foundational reading concepts.



Get recommended play-based activities that teach the foundational reading skills during whole-class instruction, center-based instruction and/or one-on-one with students.


Training Videos

Receive transformative, evidence-based professional learning that seamlessly translates crucial concepts into effective teaching practices.


Sprig Reading is endorsed by


“The circle charts were a game changer in primary literacy. They allowed us to zone in on gaps and explicitly teach the foundational literacy skill that a child was missing.”

Christy Fennell, Superintendent, SD 59 Peace River South


“By the end of our first year, all of our kindergarteners were reading. 100% of them! This app works because it’s research based. It has completely changed the trajectory of our students and the way I teach literacy.”

Dianne Bassendowski, Principal of Windrem Elementary


“As a teacher, I find the ability to group students together extremely powerful. I can click on a letter on the alphabet list, and it will show me all the students who have not yet mastered that skill. As I am trying to group kids in my class who need extra support, it’s very easy to do as it’s at my fingertips.”

Nathan Reist, Kindergarten Teacher, Mission Public Schools

District Directors

“We still have the excitement of instruction and doing the work, but now teachers are really seeing where they have more work to do, or if a particular student needs something different.”

Stephanie Klinger, Director of Teaching and Learning, Montesano School District

Renowned Reading Experts

“I loved your new app. It’s brilliant and will be such a boost for both teachers and children.”

Dr. Sally Shaywitz, Word Expert on Dyslexia and Co-author of National Reading Panel Report  (in an email to Early Reading Scientist, Dr. Janet Mort)

Let’s introduce Sprig Reading into your classrooms.