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Sprig Learning, a leading developer of evidence-based early learning resources and assessments is happy to announce its inclusion in Apple’s prestigious Education Partner Program.

The Sprig team was recently invited to Apple Playground at the Reading for the Love of It 2024. It was an opportunity for all participants to explore the innovative possibilities of Apple technology in education.

The event buzzed with energy as educators from diverse backgrounds engaged with Apple’s cutting-edge technology, particularly iPad, exploring its potential to enhance learning experiences for K-6 students. It was thrilling to witness firsthand how teachers are leveraging iPad capabilities to craft dynamic content and design immersive learning journeys.

Jarrett Laughlin, CEO of Sprig Learning says, “As a part of the Education Partner Program, we are committed to empowering educators and communities worldwide. Together with Apple, we strive to level the playing field for every child, fostering success through engaging and evidence-based educational experiences.”

With schools globally harnessing Apple technology to revolutionize learning, Sprig Learning is honoured to contribute to this transformative journey. 

The partnership underscores a shared dedication to equipping educators with tools that drive student success and promote inclusive learning environments.


What is the Education Partner Program (K-12)?

What is the Education Partner Program (K-12)?

Apple’s dedication to education shines through its motto, “Inspiring Every Kind of Mind,” prominently featured on its dedicated education page

This ethos, shared jointly by Sprig Learning, emphasizes the belief that each individual possesses unique learning styles and creative expressions. 

By leveraging Apple technology and resources, educators and students of all backgrounds are empowered to explore, create, and chart their paths to success.

Apple’s Education Partner Program showcases apps compatible with Apple’s tablets, laptops, and smartphones. 

In the classroom, the journey towards a better world begins with versatile, user-friendly tools prioritizing privacy, accessibility, and sustainability. Apple’s products and resources are meticulously crafted to foster personalized, creative, and inspiring learning experiences.


Collections of Apps In Apple’s Education Partner Program

There are two collections of apps in Apple’s Education Partner Program, the K-12 collection and the Higher Education collection. 

The categories in its K-12 collection are Accessibility, Foundational Literacies, Educator Capacity and Assessment, Workflow, College and Career Readiness, Coding for Early Learners and Social and Emotional Learning.


Categories Featuring Sprig Apps

Categories Featuring Sprig Apps

Sprig Language and Sprig Math are featured in the Foundational Literacies category. 

Sprig Math is additionally featured in the Educator Capacity and Assessment category. 

This recognition highlights Sprig Learning’s dedication to enhancing foundational literacy skills in both language and math, while empowering educators with robust assessment capabilities.


The Intuitiveness of Using Sprig Apps on Apple Products

The Intuitiveness of Using Sprig Apps on Apple Products

The iPad is very versatile. Its lightweight design and long-lasting battery life ensure uninterrupted connectivity throughout the day, empowering teachers to instruct, assess, and collaborate wherever they go. 

Meanwhile, Mac’s intuitive interface simplifies navigation and empowers educators to manage their classrooms with confidence and ease. 

With robust security measures in place, both devices prioritize the protection of student data, ensuring a safe and secure learning experience at every turn. 


What This Means for Sprig Learning

Sprig LanguageSprig MathSprig Library

Sprig Learning celebrates its inclusion in Apple’s Education Partner K-12 program. As classrooms embrace technology like never before, the synergy between hardware and software empowers educators to enhance instruction and assessment for early literacy effectively. 

Sprig Reading is being developed as an iOS app for Fall 2024, joining Sprig Language, Sprig Math, and other apps that are a part of the app store. The aspiration is for all our apps to become part of the Education Partner Program.

This ensures visibility and accessibility for teachers seeking evidence-based early literacy solutions that seamlessly integrate with Apple devices, fostering efficient and secure learning environments for all students.