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Sprig Math Focuses on Building a Deeper Understanding of Mathematics in the Early Years.


OTTAWA, ON (March 10, 2021) — Leading educational technology company, Sprig Learning, launches Sprig Math to support teachers, students and families as they navigate the new Ontario math curriculum. With the approval of OECM, Sprig Math is available to be implemented across all Ontario school boards for September 2021.

Sprig Math is an early learning program that supports students, from kindergarten to grade three, to develop a deeper understanding of early mathematics skills. This program helps all students develop a positive identity as math learners and supports them to build a strong foundation in numeracy. Most importantly, Sprig Math focuses on the foundational math processes that transcend all grade levels.

“We are excited to launch Sprig Math for this upcoming school year,” declares Jarrett Laughlin, Chief Executive Officer of Sprig Learning. “This program is the first of its kind, focusing on the underlying math processes–like problem solving, reasoning and communication–that serve as a crucial foundation for students.”

As young learners across this country struggle to maintain math skills beyond grade three, teachers require new tools that help complement a new curriculum. In 2019, nearly 1 in 5 students who met the math standard in Grade 3, did not meet the standard when they were later assessed in Grade 6.

“Math is about action and process. As the math curriculum gets more complex in the later grades, a focus on process supports student learning. It is important that young learners have the opportunity to learn math through verbs, actions, and processes,” concludes Dr. Lisa Lunney Borden, St. Francis Xavier University and John Jerome Paul Chair for Equity in Mathematics Education. “Sprig Math supports teachers to assess, understand, and deliver instruction in the underlying math processes.”

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About Sprig Learning

Sprig Learning is a purpose-built education technology company that believes all children should have what matters most: a fair shot at success. Sprig Learning provides early learners, educators and parents with the tools and resources needed to build a foundation for lifelong learning—both at home and in school. Sprig Learning’s unique approach to assessment and learning considers each child’s entire learning environment—their home, school, and community. Our early years programs uncover new insights into students’ strengths, challenges, and interests which personalize a learning pathway for each and every learner. Winner of best Language Learning App, Sprig Learning is becoming known as a leader in early years programming.


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