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The Department of Education and Lifelong Learning in Prince Edward Island develops high-quality K-12 programs. 

In the most recent mandate, the priorities include providing leadership in creating opportunities for student success and building technology capacity and engagement in schools. 

Increasingly in recent years, the role of technology is becoming essential in managing classrooms and fostering engagement between educators and parents. 

Holistic education recognizes the need for connection in the early years. Technology provides one way for the student’s immediate learning support system members to be connected with each other.


Holistic Early Learning

The Prince Edward Island Early Learning Curriculum Framework promotes each child’s holistic development – language, cognitive, emotional, creative, and physical. It assists educators to facilitate early learning through daily activities.  

To develop skills and knowledge in language and literacy, a variety of means is used to communicate their ideas, thoughts and needs. Increasingly complex language structures are used in conversations and play. It is recommended that teachers help early learners develop a love for stories and books.


Mandatory kindergarten?