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The Department of Education and Early Childhood Development in Nova Scotia is committed to continuing the progress made in inclusive education and curricular development. 

To this effect, it implemented the Multi-Tiered System of Supports, which is an integrated school-wide approach that is universal, focused and intensive. 

Much like the holistic education model, it too is student centered, and “provides assessment, instruction, and intervention at three different levels, or tiers: classroom, small group, and individual.” This is an excellent fit with the holistic view of education, which facilitates the differentiation of instruction by holistic formative assessments


Holistic Early Learning

Nova Scotia has a provincial literacy strategy that aims to ensure that early learners have the literacy skills to thrive in school and in outside environments. 

The province has dedicated $3.2 million for this cause. More direct support will be provided to students, and more help will be provided to educators in order to fortify literacy learning in all subjects.

There will be a focus on reading fluency, comprehension and writing skills. All teachers will reinforce student learning through classroom data and assessment to drive decisions on literacy instruction.


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