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The New Brunswick Department of Education is focused on systematically advancing the current K-12 education system so it effectively transitions early learners with diverse needs from one grade to another. 

It’s a strong advocate of the Community Connected Experiential Learning approach. This allows students to participate in learning experiences, reflect on what is learned, and apply their learning, while being connected to the community. 

The holistic approach is a very good fit for such a system, as it not only surveys the student and the teacher, but other community members as well who have a role to play in the child’s education.


2023-2024 Education Budget Announcement

The New Brunswick Department of Education will allocate $33.3 million for more classroom teachers, facility requirements and an increase in instructional materials. $30.8 million will be invested to improve NB’s inclusive education system, and 8.7$ million will be invested to enhance literacy and numeracy supports in the province.


Holistic Early Learning

The New Brunswick Curriculum Framework for Early Learning values and promotes an intellectually, socially and culturally engaging environment where children’s communicative practices and literacy skills can be developed. 

All early learners’ sense of belonging is nurtured and protected, where the uniqueness of every student is celebrated in their educational experience. They are meant to engage critically in the literacy practices of popular culture and also co-construct a range of literate identities.


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