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In the quest to revitalize Indigenous languages, educational toolkits can play a pivotal role, not only in educating but also in preserving and promoting linguistic diversity. 

Among these efforts, the “It’s Our Time: The AFN Educational Toolkit” stands out as a beacon of innovation and collaboration between the Assembly of First Nations (AFN) and Apple Canada. 

This toolkit not only enriches educational content but also contributes to the broader goal of language revitalization among First Nations communities.


The Origin of the Toolkit: Need for New Perspectives To Foster a Spirit of Understanding 

The Origin of the Toolkit- Need for New Perspectives To Foster a Spirit of Understanding

In response to the challenges faced by educators and students in accessing reliable resources on culture and history, the AFN and Apple Canada began working together on an ongoing project aimed at providing digital resources on First Nations history. 

Renee St. Germain, Director of Languages and Learning at the AFN, says “Teachers and students struggle for reliable resources around culture and history.” There is a need for new perspectives to be integrated into the educational system, which foster a spirit of understanding.

To this end, she is collaborating with Apple Canada on an ongoing project to offer digital resources on First Nations history. The outcome is an online and downloadable toolkit called “It’s Our Time: The AFN Education Toolkit,” offering hands-on educational materials on First Nations’ rights, culture, and history. 


The Purpose of AFN’s It’s Our Time Education Toolkit

The Purpose of AFN’s It’s Our Time Education Toolkit

This free toolkit includes interactive Apple Books designed to assist both Indigenous and non-Indigenous educators in integrating new perspectives into their classrooms, promoting cooperation, understanding, and action.

Available on Apple Books and web browsers, the toolkit features 22 learning modules. They have been “designed to enhance the understanding of important First Nations topics to ensure both students and teachers are learning in and out of the classroom.


Humbled To Play a Role in Supporting Language Revitalization

Humbled To Play a Role in Supporting Language Revitalization

Educators can now effectively incorporate First Nations content into their curricula, fostering increased dialogue surrounding this history.

Renee stresses the toolkit’s Indigenous leadership by saying :“Equity is at the forefront of everything the AFN does, and the toolkit is First Nations–led.”

She further emphasizes the significance of accurately representing First Nations students, noting their presence in nearly every classroom. 

As systemic change gains momentum across Canada, the toolkit is further advancing efforts to ensure educational equity for First Nations students and generations to come.

Sprig Learning is humbled to be a part of this important work, supporting the design of the Apple Books and modules. 


Ongoing Efforts in Supporting Language Revitalization

There is more work to be done in developing further resources and supporting language revitalization. Renee is continuing her work with public school boards across Canada to broaden the toolkit’s outreach. 

Recognizing the diversity among First Nations people, Apple Canada and the AFN are collaborating with First Nations education leaders to create language and region-specific modules of the toolkit. 

The idea is that these specific modules will authentically reflect the diverse traditions, languages, and cultures within each respective region.