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Education administrators, teachers and parents have access to more personalized data about their students than ever before. With class sizes growing and caps being removed, it is important that we learn how to process and apply the information collected effectively to result in positive changes for students.

A new report by Sprig Learning shows how data can be used effectively to manage daily workloads, as well as to create a progressive school culture that supports and sees value in the power of data-informed decision making. In doing so, timely insight and key information is provided, allowing for each child to be nurtured and engaged in a way that supports their personal learning styles and individual needs.

Sprig Learning’s report, Who’s Driving Who? Data-Informed Decision Making in Education, highlights the following key findings:

Data-informed decision-making is proven to improve early learning

  • It is important for teachers to use holistic datasets that paint a more comprehensive picture of their students, especially in the early years.
  • Approximately 96% of teachers identified benefits from the use of EdTech, with 44% noting they experienced time savings because of technology.

Data management practices are vital in today’s classrooms

  • Data management practices such as data dashboards (digital or physical) are helpful for administrators and educators to reflect on how to best support students in days, weeks, and months ahead.
  • Implementing practices like ‘data days’ provides the time and space for teachers to review, interpret and use data to greatly improve and differentiate instruction.
  • The use of education technology solutions makes it easier to collect, visualize, and understand data management tools.

Example of data dashboard for teachers.  Source: Sprig Learning (2019)

Vince Hill, Principal in Grasslands School Division in rural Alberta experienced the benefits first-hand when data management practices were implemented at in his school.

“I cannot stress enough how much time holistic, data-driven EdTech tools have saved our teachers and administrators since we first introduced them into our curricula,” says Hill. “The insight gained has an undeniably positive impact on student-teacher engagement and overall class progress. It also allows for continued development and growth at home, in the classroom and even within our surrounding communities.”

Jarrett Laughlin, Founder of Sprig Learning believes parents and caregivers have an important role to play. “Families are critical stakeholders for learning, and they need to and should be given the opportunity to understand how data is being used to inform the decisions regarding their child.”

The data collected is most effective when holistic learning methods and new-age data-driven EdTech work together in harmony. Sprig Learning has taken the necessary measures to ensure its technology is safe, reliable and accessible for all teachers. It is also important to keep in mind that education technology and data-informed decision making are both still in their early stages, and that schools and teachers must drive the agenda.

Rather than giving data and/or technology the power to lead, the creation of these game-changing learning tools, apps and programs helps to maximize instructional decisions while supporting continued student growth and success. We firmly believe this is how we can take fundamental learning principles to the next level.

About Sprig Learning
Sprig Learning is an award-winning personalized learning platform built with holistic education in mind (named Tech Edvocate’s Best Language Learning App of 2018). Sprig’s mission is to provide every student, educator, and parent with access to the tools they need to build a foundation for lifelong learning. To learn more, visit www.spriglearning.com.

For more information about Sprig Learning or for interview requests with the authors, please contact Andrew Fraser, PR & Communications Specialist for Sprig Learning at 514.424.6500 or by email at media@spriglearning.com.

About the Authors

Jarrett Laughlin, CEO & Founder, Sprig Learning

Jarrett has worked with educational organizations across the world developing holistic and innovative approaches to measuring success in education.

His recent passion involves mobilizing research into action through socially innovative, community-based projects through his educational technology company, Sprig Learning.

Vince Hill, Principal, Grasslands School Division

Vince has been involved in Indigenous education since 1991. His experiences have ranged from working in First Nation communities in the Northwest Territories and Northern Saskatchewan.

Currently, he is principal in rural Alberta at Bassano School.