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Introducing Characters

The more familiar kids are with the Sprig characters, the more at ease they will be when the time comes to talk with them about oral language/math. 



There are many ways to introduce the characters to your students! Here are a few ideas teachers have shared with us: 


The puppet is used to greet children as they arrive every morning.

Circle Time

Each day a different student is selected to help the puppet participate in circle time. 


Along with the books starring the characters, puppets are used to help tell the stories. 

Puppet Show

Simple puppet shows are used to discuss day-to-day topics such as: classroom etiquette; using good manners; waiting your turn, etc.


Did you know? There are many useful resources in your teacher portal to help include the characters in your everyday activities.  

Have you come up with fun ways to make the puppets a part of your daily routine? We’d love to hear about them! Connect with us:



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Updated on January 26, 2020

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