Conducting the Student Assessment

The student survey collects information from the student regarding their access and opportunity for oral language development and records their storytelling abilities. It should take each student approximately 12 to 15 minutes to complete their survey.

Make sure to have a copy of the survey script with you during the assessment to avoid any missteps. You can find the survey script in the assessor portal.

To conduct the student assessment, login to the app.

Select a ‘Classroom’.

From the classroom, select a student.  Select ‘Student Assessment’ to begin.

The objective of Section 1 is to assess the student’s understanding of the survey’s quantity scale. This scale should be introduced prior to assessment using the poster provided in your classroom set.

The remaining sections will assess the student’s oral language abilities.

Any time during assessment you can visit the ‘Admin Menu’ by selecting the gear icon in the top-right corner. From here you can switch between sections, find help with navigation or quit the student survey.

If the student demonstrates an understanding of the quantity scale, feel free to skip to Section 2. If the student does not demonstrate an understanding of the quantity scale, the assessment results are deemed ‘invalid’ and they should be flagged.

You can flag results upon submission of the survey. Finish the assessment, complete the rubric and select ‘Submit Rubric’. There will be an option to ‘Submit Assessment and Flag’.


Updated on January 29, 2020

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